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True productivity.


In a commercial printing environment, “productivity” might be a complex thing to define – but one requirement is a must: an industrial production process backed by an intelligent digital workflow. The productivity of a printing press will only be able to unfold in an intelligently networked environment. This explains why printers who have adopted the Smart Print Shop philosophy are able to achieve performances of, say, 90 million sheets on a Speedmaster XL 106 or over 70 million sheets on a Speedmaster CX 102.

But what is it exactly that profitable printers do better than others? What do they do that makes them earn higher profits? And which impact does the performance of a single press have on the overall productivity and profitability of a print shop?

"22% more productive thanks to the Speedmaster XL 106 technology".

“Our Speedmaster XL 106-8-P was installed at the beginning of 2014 and increased productivity by 22 percent from the very outset”. says Andrew Jones, Managing Director. “That’s why, one year on, we decided to invest in another XL 106-8-P”

Stephens George, UK.

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"57 jobs and 190,000 sheets per day on average on our Speedmaster XL 105".

In one year on an 8-color Speedmaster XL 105 with Prinect Inpress Control and AutoPlate XL, Aumüller produced an average of 57 jobs a day amounting to 190,000 printed sheets. “We are one of the highest-performing sheet printers in Germany – and want to remain so in the future,” say Stefan and Christian Aumüller, Managing Directors.

Aumüller Druck, Germany.

"Productivity up 15% with our Speedmaster XL 106-8-P".

“We are extremely pleased with our XL 106" says Janusz Banasiewicz, President. "For one thing, we benefit from fantastically fast makeready times and low paper wastage, and for another, our lives are made much easier by the high production speeds and the Prinect Inpress Control inline measuring and control system when working with long runs. All this has boosted our productivity by over 15 percent.”

Perfekt SA, Poland.

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Understanding true productivity

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In today's ultra-competitive environment, most printers are looking to boost profits by minimizing spending on capital equipment and press supplies. What many don't realize, though, is that their profit is actually directly linked to the cost it takes to produce each finished sheet.

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