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Industrial printing.

Omnifire direct printing technology.

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by objects of all nature that were mass-produced. Industrial direct printing on objects transforms these generic, anonymous objects into attractive, branded mini-series, or unique, personalized objects.

We develop tailor-made solutions for industrial direct printing on objects as diverse as golf balls, suitcases, helmets, car parts and aircraft components.

What we offer

  • Development of object-specific printing processes and process parameters including drying
  • Image data preparation with common 3D design tools, if necessary in cooperation with partners
  • Design and manufacture of the required hardware components and development of the software components
  • Feasibility studies with printing on existing Omnifire machines or robotic printing systems
  • Development, adaptation, commissioning and service of customer-specific machines
  • Supply of qualified consumables

Our technology

  • Industrially proven modular components for robotics, inkjet systems, hardware and software control, data preparation of object and image data (e.g. special RIP for 3D objects)
  • Experience in setting up complex complete systems for direct printing on objects (Omnifire 250, Omnifire 1000 and ink jet printing with swivel joint robots)
  • Experimental environment for small and large objects
  • Test methods and devices for determining the printability of materials
  • Experience with different types of inks including UV, UV-LED, water-based, solvents, as well as with a variety of materials including almost all types of plastics, stainless steel, paints and glass
  • Scanning of 3D objects
  • Measuring method for the evaluation of the quality of the layer structure
  • Programming of robots on the basis of CAD or scan data, semi-automated generation of G-code
  • Printing of large area images through sequential printing of 3D objects, seamless printing with high positional accuracy
  • Extensive portfolio of proprietary patents

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Omnifire Direct Printing Technology
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