Replacement Services.

  • Supply of Heidelberg Original Service Parts
  • Installation on machine performed by qualified Heidelberg SystemService technician
  • Replacement work can be performed during low-activity hours
  • Quality tests after replacement

Guarantee of professional installation through our experts.

Natural wear can have heavier consequences on some machine parts than on others. This is particularly true of folding, inking, and dampening rollers: After thousands of jobs, their performance is bound to decline, thus affecting the quality of your production. Our Replacement Services offer peace of mind by ensuring a timely replacement of your rollers through Heidelberg Original Service Parts. These services are available to you on a one-off basis, as well as part of a subscription-based contract that guarantees the replacement of your machine parts at pre-defined intervals. Examples of popular exchange services include: dampening roller service, gripper service and folding roller service. Call your regional Heidelberg SystemService organization for more information.

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