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Protect your rollers
and rubber blankets!

Saphira Wash Bundle.

Correct handling and care are vital to ensuring a long lifespan for your rollers and rubber blankets.

The choice of washing fluid plays a major role in the lifespan and performance of the rollers and rubber blankets. Unsuitable cleaners strip the plasticizer from the rubber, which can lead to shrinkage and hardening. Other possible consequences of using unsuitable washing fluids include swelling of the rubber materials and corrosion of the tubing, seals, and machine paintwork.

The Saphira Wash Bundle has been specifically put together to ensure optimum washing and printing performance and at the same time longevity of the rubber materials. Consisting of the Saphira Wash 562 and the Saphira Wash-up Cloth, this bundle enhances cleaning and printing performance. These materials are supplied with our printing presses and are in use every day on thousands of machines worldwide.

Included in our bundle:

Saphira Wash 562

  • High cleaning performance
  • Reduction of washing times possible
  • Protection against deposition on the rollers (chalk or paper dust)
  • Permits fast color changes


Saphira Wash-up cloth

  • High fabric consistency
  • Roll diameter and width with uniform dimensions – prevents machine damage
  • Limited swelling combined with good absorbency

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