The Diana Go 85 at

Riddle Press, USA

“We had been looking for a folder gluer, but got stuck because we didn’t have a large enough facility”, says Nick Adolphson, Manager of Riddle Press. “Then Heidelberg introduced the new Diana Go, which has the same features, build quality, speed, and throughput as you get with larger machines, but is in a format that can actually fit in our facility.”

The Diana Go produces cartons at speeds of up to 250 m/min and handles a variety of carton styles, including straight-line and lockbottom cartons, as well as special styles with attachments, such as envelopes, or even presentation folders.

“Since we installed the Diana Go, it has made a huge difference in our production output and has produced only the best quality,” said Adolphson. “With its compact design and operator friendliness, the Diana Go is the perfect solution for our employees and our short-run packaging needs.”

The Promatrix 106 CSB at

Ultragraph, UK

E-Liquid packaging products account for about 40 % of Ultragraph’s packaging activities, but the company also handles cartons and packaging for automotive, household, telecoms and banking products, as well as for non-food contacting packaging.

“The equipment we had prior to the Promatrix took us into professional packaging, but we were limited by the thickness of material we could cut (500 micrometer, 0.02 in). Taking heavier stocks was old fashioned and involved lots of guillotining and hand stripping,” says Nick Jones, Managing Director of Ultragraph. “Now we have cutting, stripping and blanking in one pass for a much wider range of stocks, and with a higher output. The Promatrix has at least doubled our die-cutting capacity, and will eliminate a proportion of the expensive tooling costs associated with rotary die-cutting.”

The Easymatrix 106 CS at

CUBE, Ireland

CUBE specializes in the production of instructions for use booklets and product information leaflets for the medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and technology markets.

In December of 2019, CUBE celebrated the arrival of an Easymatrix 106 CS die-cutter and a Diana Go 85 folder gluer at their premises. This purchase marked CUBE’s first investment in postpress packaging, an activity the company plans to grow in the years to come.

“We wanted to partner with a provider who has a proven track record of many years, who would be able to provide us with state-of-the-art technology, and who has the infrastructure and backup here in Ireland. We wanted someone who would support us as our business continues to grow,” explains James Maloney, Operations and Finance Manager at CUBE.

The Easymatrix 106 CS and Diana Go 85 at

Watermans, Ireland

In July of 2020, Watermans Printers took delivery of an Easymatrix 106 CS die-cutter (cutting and stripping) and of a Diana Go 85 folder gluer from Heidelberg at their premises. This purchase marks Watermans’ first investment in postpress packaging equipment as it moves into this sector, and plans to grow this side of the business further in the years to come.

“Going all the way back to 1954, when Watermans first opened, Heidelberg were the machines of choice for us. That partnership is still going strong today. We have looked at several different options from other suppliers, but none could match the service levels and expertise that Heidelberg offered to us. It was an easy fit for us, as we are an all-Heidelberg house,” says Wan Waterman, Managing Director.

The Diana Smart 80 at

PROMIS, Russia

In June 2020, a new Diana Smart 80 folding-gluing machine with Diana Braille Module was installed at the PROMIS print shop in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. It is the third servo drive machine of this model installed at PROMIS during the last 6 years.

The new Diana Smart is equipped with a unit for Braille font application. The need for this module was determined by the market demand — more than 60% of all orders for pharmaceutical packaging require Braille font now, and in the near future, the 100% will be with Braille.

Another requirement for the production of pharmaceutical packaging is that the products must be consistent in quality. Yevgeny Sliniakov, CEO of PROMIS, is convinced that it depends on experience and qualification of staff and equipment reliability, and at the same time, he assesses as high the level of performance for all Diana machines. “All integrated devices for quality control work well; the number of defective products is reduced to zero."

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