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Gatefold Buckle Plates.

  • Digital control with ACC 2.4 for exact timing
  • Simple operation, fast makeready
  • Up to 15,000 cycles/h possible in continuous operation
  • Flaps can be as close together as 0.5-1 mm (0.02-0.04 in) depending on paper thickness
  • Very low-profile design, can be inserted in any buckle plate position
  • Optional attachment for specialty folds

The double-gatefold is a popular folding method amongst graphic designers. However, with the equipment available so far much experience and skill was needed on the part of the operator in order to deliver the job on time and in the high quality required.

The pneumatic gatefold buckle plate is digitally controlled. The pneumatics open and close the deflector. The ACC 2.4 digital control module precisely controls the timing independently of the folding speed. Precise control of the deflector profile lets flaps be as close together as 0.5 to 1.0 millimeter (0.02 to 0.04 inch), depending on the paper thickness. High cycling rates (up to 15,000 cycles per hour) can be achieved effortlessly, even during continuous operation.

In the motor-driven gatefold buckle plate, the paper stop is positioned quickly, securely and precisely by a motorized spindle. The accuracy of the positioning can be fine-tuned to within 0.1 millimeter (0.004 inch). Presetting can also be performed using the fold catalog. Repeat jobs can be easily stored.

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