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Stahlfolder SSP.

Flyers help your customers to present themselves and make a lasting impression. Since first impressions often count, maximum quality is imperative. And that is precisely what the slitter shaft station Stahlfolder SSP stands for. Several pairs of slitter shafts enable a great variety of different processes, and the production of high-quality flyers in various formats and grammages – without breaking the spines of the products.

Stahlfolder SSP

With the Stahlfolder SSP, you can master the very wide landscape formats frequently required for flyers precisely and efficiently. The scoring, slitting and perforating station can be combined with flat pile, round continuous and pallet feeders. The spines do not break after folding, even with high grammages and full-surface printed substrates, because the fold is meticulously creased. To make sure of this, the AirstreamTable reliably aligns the sheets with the rule, despite the very small contact surface in landscape formats. The unique ball-free system leaves no marks behind.

With three pairs of slitter shafts in total, numerous different processes can be performed. The optional automation allows you to save settings and activate or deactivate slitter shafts individually at the touch of a button. This enables especially fast changeover from one job to the next. As the slitter shafts are identical in diameter, you can use existing tools from Stahlfolder folding machines. Timed processing of substrates is also possible with EAP single-section perforation heads.

The pneumatic twin-lay device after the SSP divides the sheet stream between two rules at the downstream station. This enables you to minimize sheet spacing and increase output, without having to increase the speed. This ensures stable production.

You can combine the Stahlfolder SSP – available in operating widths 56, 66 and 82 – with all downstream stations from the Stahlfolder folding machine and delivery range, irrespective of whether your configuration is manual or fully automated.

Stahlfolder MWS

While the Stahlfolder SSP is the first station and is therefore combined with a feeder, the Stahlfolder MWS is designed as a downstream station. Available with a choice of right or left-hand feeding and operating widths 66 and 82, the MWS can be flexibly combined with other modules from the Stahlfolder portfolio, as the infeed and exit height is infinitely adjustable. The Stahlfolder MWS is also equipped with three pairs of slitter shafts, and can perform the same processes as the Stahlfolder SSP.

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