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Technical Data.

Stahlfolder TX 96.

Maximum performance for signature production.

The Stahlfolder TX 96 establishes a new performance level in signature production. This peak performance machine couples oblong format processing with shingled folding, combining two methods of increasing performance in one folding system. A reduction of the sheet infeed length means that more sheets are continuously transported over the same length. This enables you to achieve maximum output and efficiency in industrialized signature production – at low, quality-enhancing machine speeds for the best folding results.

The individual components of the folding system are optimally coordinated and designed for maximum productivity. They include the PFX pallet feeder with shingled sheet feeding, the two folding units, the palamides alpha 700 hd high-performance delivery and the Polar Transomat for automated stacking. In addition, the new folding system in the first folding unit extends the field of application: now shingled processing of all types of fold is possible. This way, you can achieve a continuous, reliable output of over 18,000 sheets per hour when producing 16-page signatures in A4 format.


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