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Stahlfolder TH 82-P/ KH 82-P.

The Peak Performance Category of the TH/KH-Series.

With the Stahlfolder TH 82-P and KH 82-P you benefit from all advantages of our modern TH/KH series in working width 82 and even more productivity. Thanks to the shingled folding principle more sheets run through the machine in the same amount of time. This way you increase your sheet output by more than 50 % without accelerating the machine. Thus the fold quality and the process reliability remain.

For all other advantages of the TH/KH series, look here.

40 Million Sheets per year.

The Stahlfolder TH/KH 82-P machines achieve an annual average output with a 16-pages A4-signature with two shifts of approx. 40 mio. folded sheets. The basis on this is 8 hours per shift and 240 working days.

Thus you can assign exactly one folding machine to each printing machine in order to make your planning easier.

More output, more safety.

Due to the shingled processing of the sheets in the parallel and cross-fold unit, it is possible to convey more sheets through the machine per unit length. This results in a larger number of folded sheets per time unit with same machine speed. Thus a gross sheet output of a 16 pages A4 signature of up to 16,000 sheets per hour is possible with the Stahlfolder TH 82-P – even with a reliable machine speed of only 150 m/min.

Shingled folding: This is how it works.

60% faster set up.

Adjustments regarding the airmanagement of PFX-Feeder and of AirstreamTable can easily be entered and stored via touchscreen. This reduces the set-up times of the feeder up to 60%.

Ideal for small runs:

In addition to the extensive automation of the machines, there are two more very special features in our Stahlfolder TH/KH-P, to reduce your set-up times even more: The new Push to Stop function for autonomous signature production as well as the new Stahlfolder CombiCurve CC 41 for quicker fold type changes at the KH 82-P by easily moving the delivery on a rail system. Get your Peak Performance folder ready for small runs!

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