Urner Barry expands capabilities and productivity with new Stahlfolder TH 56

New Capabilities Allows for New Clients

In order to grow the company, Urner Barry in Toms River, USA replaced their former folder with a Stahlfolder TH 56 with SAF stream delivery system. Folding up to 16,000 sheets an hour, this Stahlfolder helps Urner Barry decrease turnaround times and alleviate the high volume of work coming through their print shop. Thanks to the automated settings, they are able to save up to 30% of set up time on the folding machine.

“Makeready times on this machine are a huge competitive advantage for us,” said Chris Ashley, General Manager of Urner Barry Publications. “Plus, with this folder technology, we are able to have faster, more efficient output.”

With the Stahlfolder SAF stream delivery system, Urner Barry can now process a wider range of formats and deliver single or multiple-ups. The configurations of all parts of the folder are customized to the specific needs of Urner Barry, allowing for additional capacity in the growth segment of their business.

“We added the gatefold buckle plate in order to do new types of work,” said Ashley. “In the next 2-3 years, we’re looking to expand clientele and increase our sales. We believe adding the Stahlfolder with all of its unique capabilities allows us to do that.”

Prinect adds another layer of efficiency and reliability

While the Stahlfolder has automation built into the machine, Urner Barry also has Prinect workflow with Signa Station to further increase their efficiency. Signa Station is the world’s leading solution for impositioning and assembling sheets and is a central component of the integrated Prinect workflow.

“Prinect workflow and Signa Station are incredible,” said Ashley. “It has streamlined our workflow and it preflights our jobs quicker. It gets out files to the press better prepared and more accurate.”

Urner Barry hopes to one day be a complete Heidelberg shop with their Stahlfolder currently running alongside a Suprasetter A 52 Gen III, Printmaster QM 46-2, and high-speed POLAR cutter.

“We see Heidelberg playing a huge role in the future of our company,” said Ashley. “Their equipment is extremely reliable. Instead of having to focus on the machines, we are able to seek out more clients. We don’t have to worry about production issues anymore.”

About Urner Barry Printing and Mailing

Urner Barry Printing and Mailing is a mid-size print and mail provider in Monmouth County, New Jersey with a customer base nationwide. Their goal is to deliver quality “on-time” printing and mailing solutions with exceptional service at competitive prices. Large and small jobs are handled with individual attention, care, and precision from start to finish.


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