Gremper AG produces on new Stahlfolder TH 82-P

Gremper AG produces industrially. The former bombardier-hall in Pratteln West near Basel, where the company has its domicile, is made for it. With its 130 meters in length and only 20 meters in width, it supports a straight-lined flow of material. Last April the Gremper company invested in a new folding machine, which blends into its industrial surrounding. It is a buckle plate folder Stahlfolder TH 82-P of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, the first of its kind in Switzerland.

The letter P, the new folder has in its name, stands for performance, for productivity – and for a new principle, guiding the sheets through a folder. A PFX- high quality feeder (Pallet Feeder eXtended) as well as two buckle plate units with six buckle plates each process the sheets in a shingled formation. For this purpose Heidelberg has completely redesigned the buckle plates. In the first folding unit airborne buckle plates guide the sheets safely through the system. In buckle plate unit number 2 a knife in the buckle plate ensures an unobstructed transport of the shingled signatures.

Compared to a processing of single sheets, the Gremper AG increases the productivity on the Stahlfolder TH 82-P by a whole 50 percent. In absolute output figures that means: The Gremper AG produces 16,000 instead of 9,100 16-pages A4-signatures per hour. As the sheets run through the whole folding system in shingled mode, the Stahlfolder TH 82-P folds a larger number of sheets per time unit as if the sheets were fed individually. It is significant that no matter whether the feeding is shingled or not, in both production modes the sheets run through the folder with the same speed.

On eye-level with sheet-fed offset

In B1-sheet-fed offset printing the Gremper AG produces on a Speedmaster XL 105 and a Speedmaster XL 106 of Heidelberg. Both printing machines run in two-shift-operation at least. «In former times folding often turned out to be the bottleneck », says the owner and director Karl Gremper. The consequences were third-party costs and expensive hours of work at the weekend.

Today the situation is relaxed. Thanks to the Stahlfolder TH 82-P and machine operators who know their business, those volumes brought by the sheet-fed offset are easily taken over by the finishing. Heidelberg speaks of a 1:1-relationship which was built up between the sheet-fed offset technique of the peak-performance-class and the new Stahlfolder-generation.

Raised bar

Short ways, a production flow compliant to direction, modern technique: this way the Gremper company produce their print jobs quickly and economically. However, despite the speed: concessions to the quality of the print jobs are not tolerated. For the image reproduction the Gremper AG exclusively works with a ten-micron-FM-raster, irrespective of the papers used. «We print photographically and have two full-blooded lithographs in our company», says Karl Gremper.

With this claim for the reproduction process the bar for the following production steps has been raised. Consequentially the Gremper AG has decided for a mere buckle plate folder, as the best results are achieved only with parallel folds.

A good fold quality in the Stahlfolder TH 82-P is additionally supported by a new component: Heidelberg has installed pressing stations in the exit of the buckle plate units. They generate plan signatures with a sharp fold favoring an impeccable processing on saddle stitchers or perfect binders.

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