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Stahlfolder TH/KH.


Reliable performance.

The firm construction guarantees a high output – 9,000 to 12,000 sheets/h at 16-pages signatures A4 – also at long production times.

Features such as the helical gear of folding rollers minimize slippage and buckle plates with self-locking spindle drive guarantee an sheet stop with absolute positional accuracy.


Calculate adjustements automatically.

More than 80 folding schemes are stored in the control of the folder, which can be selected by the operator due to his fold product. The fold length will be calculated automatically after entering the starting format. Subsequently all sheet stops and the folding roller gaps are adjusted automatically.

Set-up times of automated Stahlfolder folding machines can be reduced by 30% compared to manually operated machines.


Modularity from feeder to delivery.

All the world of Stahlfolder options and accessories is yours with our product line TH/KH. Discover the wide range of applications, which are enabled by modules such as integrated gluing devices or barcode readers, front and double rear mounted slitter shafts or gatefold and small format buckle plates. Completely customized configurations are possible as well. The standard AirstreamTable for markfree alignment of the sheets as well as the optional pressing device, integrated in the folding unit, make the outstanding quality of your final products. Achieve any unique selling proposition with our TH/KH line.


User-friendly operation

A lot of innovative features make the operation at the folder easier. Tilting folding stations and lift kits guarantee an easy access to the slitter shafts.

With automated machines the setting up of jobs is done automatically in most instances: automated air management at the AirstreamTable, motor-driven buckle plate stops and folding roller gaps as well as the automated cross-fold unit make a job change easier and save time.

The control is standardized for all machines, which does not only make work easier for the operator but also allows for a flexible staff assignment in your product divisions.


Expert support.

“Key operator of the folding machine gets sick during high volume job. Delivery date in jeopardy. Colleague from the saddle stitcher has to fill in. The Heidelberg service expert could train the operator quickly by using Remote Service. The operator got a short training within 30 minutes. The production could be resumed and the job further produced. The job was delivered on time to the customer.”

Customer, Germany


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