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Stack delivery
palamides alpha hd.

The palamides alpha hd is the perfect delivery for your industrialized and highly efficient signature production. This delivery generates exact piles and delivers mark-free products even if your folder runs with high capacity. This allows you to operate the entire system with one person only.

Stack Delivery palamides alpha hd

The stack deliveries palamides alpha hd 50 and alpha hd 70 collect the folded products and transfer them to the output table, jogged and exactly piled. The integrated pressing function deflates the air from the signatures thus increasing the pile capacity and fold quality. The operator do not need to jog the piles once again but can stack them onto the pallet directly from an ergonomically favorable working height. It is also possible to process several ups with the stack deliveries palamides alpha hd. On the control panel with touch display all settings (also the one of the folder) can be done and all machine functions can be controlled. This reduces the walking distances for the operator.

When highly industrialized workflows are required, the palamides alpha hd can be combined with a Polar Transomat. The piles are then automatically deposited on the pallet, layer by layer. The operator's workload is vastly reduced, because all he has to do is push the piles horizontally onto the Transomat table. In real terms, this means picking up and putting down around five metric tons of paper less per shift.

If you, however, rather produce small runs, the delivery can outstandingly be operated in connection with the efficiency-raising Stahlfolder options Push to Stop and/or the Stahlfolder CombiCurve CC 41 (in connection with a KH 82(-P)), which are exactly matched for the use with the models of palamides alpha hd.

The system is therefore suitable both for long runs and small runs in combination with folding machines in the Peak Performance class, such as the Stahlfolder TH/KH 82-P and Stahlfolder TX 96.

The new palamides alpha hd 50/70.
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