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May 05, 2015 Print Media Center Wiesloch-Walldorf: Peak Performance in Packaging

Peak Performance in Packaging
Fast job change-overs and high running speeds are vital for profi table production in packaging. However, it might be even more important to maintain and consistently monitor high quality throughout the entire production run. A reliable high productivity at consistently monitored and documented high quality levels is the main theme at our Peak Performance Packaging Day, May 5, in our Print Media Center Wiesloch-Walldorf.

High Productivity
Speedmaster presses offer top technology for both premium and high-volume packaging printers worldwide. Production speed of up to 18.000 s/h will be demonstrated at the Speedmaster XL 106-6+L and the Speedmaster XL 145-6+L. Both presses are equipped with Heidelberg Logistics for continuous and reliable production without any interruption. Professional die-cutting and embossing will be demonstrated on the Promatrix 106 CS. With an output of 8,000 sheets per hour and short set-up times, it stands for productivity and cost-effectiveness in the 106 format. In folding carton gluing, for the medium performance segment, the Diana Smart 80 is characterized by a compact design, without sacrificing the high quality of the Diana X model range. With a maximum machine speed of 450 m/min it is perfectly suited for a great variety of production applications and can be combined with the Diana Inspection Control and the Diana Braille module. Peak performance in folding gluing will be shown by the Diana X 115 with production speeds of up to 650 meters (2,130 feet) per minute.

Keeping an eye on color & quality
Prinect Image Control will be shown on the Speedmaster XL 106-6-P+L. The device for control of color and quality on the entire sheet is presented with some brand-new features for packaging printing. On the Speedmaster 145-6+L the new Prinect Inpress Control 2 will proof its advantages in the make-ready process. This spectrophotometrical system measures and controls color and register on the fly, inline.

Ensuring a zero-defect production
Prinect Inspection Control will give its debut in the VLF format range on the Speedmaster XL 162 and will also be shown on the Speedmaster XL 106-6+L. The automated early warning system ensures the maximum possible security in the printing process. The inline sheet inspection system seamlessly controls and documents the entire print run. Prinect Inspection Control identifies and reports print errors before they can generate any follow-up costs. Quality inspection is performed in Postpress packaging as well. On the Diana Smart the entire printed image of the folding carton is monitored.

Anicolor Technology in UV mode
In the afternoon, you will get to witness the Anicolor technology in UV mode on a Speedmaster XL 75-5+L (UV) with print jobs on metal-coated and plastic substrates. The bespoke Anicolor inking unit allows very quick and even inking. As a consequence, considerable savings can be achieved by reducing time and waste for make-ready.

Market Place
Finally, during a market place, please take the opportunity to talk to business partners and our product specialists. Have a look at what Heidelberg can enable with Saphira Consumables, or can offer with a full range of services for your machine. Also the benefits of the Prinect Signa Pack production workflow can be analyzed.

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