Environmentally Friendly Production

Heidelberg has got a comprehensive sustainability concept which is firmly established in its strategic agenda.

This is not only applicable to our products but also to the way we manufacture our products.

The waste recycling rate at the Wiesloch-Walldorf site, for example, is currently 99.2 percent - an impressive figure that is only possible with the full commitment of all staff. Other projects that aim to minimize the company's environmental impact include lead-free soldering, dry processing without cooling lubricants, and the switch to returnable containers for material deliveries. Ecological and environmental objectives normally are not mutually exclusive. Most of the time it is possible to combine the two. This is true also for our latest environmental innovation: Our new Cogeneration Plant at Wiesloch-Walldorf Site.

A Moringa Tree from Togo – A Growing Symbol for Environment Protection

For several years, together with natureOffice, Heidelberg is engaged through a reforestation project in Togo to protect the climate. In the southwest of the country the Miombo forest, which is typical for the wet savannas of West Africa, should be replanted with native tree species.

When you consider that each Speedmaster XL 106-6+L let grow 700 trees (about 2.7 trees per ton of CO2) you will see that this is an impressive number of new trees.

To remind us Heidelberg people of the importance of environmental protection and as a sign of the cooperation with Togo, a small Moringa tree will be planted in Heidelberg in the staircase to the canteen.

Ecologically and economically production - the tree should incite us all every day to develop and realize ideas to make our own working life even more environmentally friendly.

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