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Grasl FairPrint optimizing postpress with consulting expertise and an overall concept from Heidelberg


  • Consolidation of three print shops’ postpress activities at one shared location
  • Investment in two high-performance Stahlfolder TX 96 folding systems and two new Stahlfolder TH 66 folding machines
  • Productivity way up and costs down with fewer machines, new folding technology, and more automation
  • Data transparency through integration with Prinect Postpress Manager

A unique project in the printing industry is underway in Bad Vöslau, twenty miles south of Vienna. The leading Austrian print shops agensketterl, AV+Astoria, and Grasl FairPrint have consolidated their production under a single roof, resulting in one of the largest commercial print shops in any German-speaking country. Although the production facilities in Bad Vöslau are shared, the companies still function independently in the market. “With this step we’re now at a competitive size where we can expand our activities in Austria together”, explains Walter Grasl, Managing Director of Grasl FairPrint. “As part of this we needed to look for a solution for our joint postpress. We started from the ground up in a few departments, investing in innovative machine concepts for economical and efficient production.” The successful bid for the folding technology went to Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) due to their two-pronged approach of initial intensive consultation followed by the development of an overall concept across all three print shops on the basis of existing job evaluations, the respective job structures, and the run lengths. The original sixteen folding machines have now been trimmed down to eight, including two high-performance Stahlfolder TX 96 machines with the innovative PFX feeder and two Stahlfolder TH 66 machines. A new Polar PACE CuttingSystem will be added in September for optimum cutting processes also.

200 million folded sheets per year
Process optimization doesn’t stop there


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