Touchpoint Packaging, Drupa 2020

Objective: drupa 2020.

Touchpoint Packaging.

Touchpoint Packaging is a special area at drupa. Since the spring of 2018, the brand owners Nestlé and Danone with seven market leaders from printing and packaging technologies, - including Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, - have made up the steering committee for this initiative. The intent is not to focus on what is already being done but to showcase inspiring new cases addressing brands challenges and pointing out meaningful directions where packaging can go.

All members are engaged with this topic and they all want to contribute to a better world with a better packaging production. The drupa Touchpoint Packaging experience will be a drupa 2020 must see with guided tours, short lectures and samples to collect.

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Touchpoint Packaging, Drupa 2020

Customer stories.

Preston Packaging, Poland

Based in Dąbrowa near Poznań, Poland, Preston Packaging specializes in solid board packages, information leaflets and product manuals for the pharmaceutical sector, the cosmetics industry, and producers of dietary supplements...

Etna Pack, France

“We were having a problem with the UV drying of our prints and were looking for a solution to make this process more reliable. A company we know had a Heidelberg Speedmaster and let us run some tests, which quickly convinced me of the technological superiority of the IST dryers. The results were flawless..." explains Philippe Ros, CEO of Etna Pack.

MyPress, Thailand

Two used printing machines, seven employees and a bank loan – these were the humble beginnings of My Press Co. Ltd. a few decades ago. Today the company ranks among the top-notch food label printers in Thailand.

Warneke Paper Box, USA

North America’s very first Primefire 106 is currently installed in Denver, Colorado. The 7-color industrial digital inkjet printing press will help Warneke Paper Box Co. to further master custom packaging by staying on the leading-edge of technology.

Karl Rädisch GmbH & Co KG, Germany

“With our average run length of 5,000 to 6,000 sheets, the Promatrix 106 CS is the ideal machine for our requirements.”

Rondo AG, Switzerland

Using the Primefire 106 digital printing system, the Swiss pharmaceutical packaging specialist Rondo AG is extending its just-in-time supply of small delivery quantities down to run sizes of one and jobs with variable data – and by so doing is consolidating its position as a supply chain partner to its customers.

Utah Paperbox, USA

Zero defect deliveries – this is how the North American packaging specialist Utah Paperbox is winning over its discerning pharmaceutical and luxury goods customers.

JC Graphics Pvt. Ltd, India

“The Speedmaster CD 102 is the perfect choice for packaging print shops in India. It processes board up to 1 millimeter thick with ease...”

Xianjunlong Color Printing, China

"We create the structural design for our packaging jobs at the touch of a button."

Spotlight Prinect.

Smart Packaging Production.

Prinect makes smart production a reality. The central platform helps packaging print shops to offer the right product at the right price and to increase profits through high-performance production methods.

  • Central platform for production and management
  • Automated production standards
  • Competitive edge through transparency

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Expert Talks.

Haptic finishing effects – with double-coating presses

Packagings with finishing effects that appeal to the sense of touch are very much on trend. In a product landscape dominated by visual stimuli, they make the difference on the shelf by awakening the desire to buy.

Pharma packaging with the Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor 2

Different package sizes, dosages, and drug concentrations – batch sizes in the pharmaceutical industry are decreasing. The challenge is to produce ever shorter runs with spot colors in an increasing variety of variants economically. Anti-counterfeit protection or embellishment are frequently required as well...

The new cold foil packaging trend: fast and cost-efficient, with added value.

To stand out with high-quality effects. This is what manufacturers are asking for more and more often when it comes to promotional packaging for their products. And cold foil application is being used more and more frequently.

Perfect inking every time

For most companies that print metallic, colored or transparent materials, opaque white is not something they can avoid. Prinect Image Control 3 is the first color measurement and control system to master automatic opaque white control.

Smart combination saves color changes in short runs

As indispensable as spot colors are as part of the brand identity when designing packagings, their use in the printing process costs a lot of time and money when runs are short. But there is an alternative that is both clever and lucrative...

Heavy cardboard and offset printing?

The perfect pairing for business success in the growing market of food packagings.

How print shops are being hacked - and how to protect them

Cyber attacks continue to double each year and new threats appear every day. Backup and data protection are not always a top priority for printers, but once job data loss, significant production downtime due to accidental data deletion, hardware failure, lost or stolen removable media, or a natural disaster occurs, it quickly becomes a top priority...

Smart Control

Yes, producing flawless quality with less paper waste is possible. Our expert explains how.

Hycolor Multidrive

The smart inking unit drive for the Speedmaster XL 106 shortens makeready times significantly.

Heidelberg Packaging Technology


Our packaging printing equipment.

Whether offset, digital, or webfed printing, we offer impressive technology for the packaging printing industry. Our portfolio ranges from attractive, preconfigured presses to individually configured packaging machines for maximum productivity and the most sophisticated applications.
Technology overview
Heidelberg Packaging Technology


Megatrend sustainable packagings: door opener for growth markets

Retail chains banishing plastic bags from their range or drugstores offering shampoo in bar form and packaged in folding cartons. The trend towards sustainable packagings is unmistakable. Consumers are particularly critical of plastics. So can folding carton printers afford to sit back and relax when it comes to sustainability?

Web-to-pack: the next big thing in packaging printing?

Web-to-pack is more than “just” putting an online shop for folding cartons online. It is a basic philosophy for making your business and the entire workflow organization fit for the future in the age of print 4.0. The first providers are already operating successfully in the market. With consequences for print shops with a conventional business model.

Lifecycle Solutions


Software, consumables and services for the packaging printer.

We help you open up new areas of business and improve the overall performance of your company to achieve long-term success
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Lifecycle Solutions


All the consumables
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