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Etna Pack, France.

It all started with the invention of
the paper cone candy box

The origins of Etna Pack, based in the Ain region between Lyon and Geneva, go all the way back to 1932, when the company was established by Mr. Piron, printer, typesetter, and grandfather of the current CEO, Philippe Ros. With the invention of the cone-shaped cardboard packaging for confectionery, the company quickly made a name for itself.

This diversification paved the way for the production of more sophisticated packages for high-end confectionery and chocolate products.

Etna Pack earned itself a good reputation, and the acquisition of a packaging manufacturer in 1972 not only enabled the company to produce boxes, cartons, sheaths, and transparent sleeves, etc. for its original markets, but also to become a permanent player in the world of luxury packaging for major brands in the cosmetics and perfumery industries.

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Enters the Speedmaster CD 102

In March 2019, a new printing press, the first from Heidelberg, was put into operation at the production site in Nantua: a Speedmaster CD 102 six-color press with coating unit. This investment was made with a very specific purpose in mind, as Philippe Ros explains: “We were having a problem with the UV drying of our prints and were looking for a solution to make this process more reliable. A company we know had a Heidelberg Speedmaster and let us run some tests, which quickly convinced me of the technological superiority of the IST dryers. The results were flawless, and the outstanding reputation of Heidelberg as a brand sealed the deal. We’ve been very happy since putting the CD 102 into operation last April. The inks and coatings are dried perfectly in the delivery. This means we no longer need the lamination previously required for enough mechanical strength during post press, and therefore gain time and flexibility. With its latest generation of technology, the new printing press is also faster and more productive than the old one. The quality is in line with our expectations.”

IST, the undisputed market leader in Europe for UV dryers, makes the radiators installed in its devices itself, and so can guarantee a consistently high level of quality and reliability. This partnership with Heidelberg, which dates back to the late 1990s, additionally provided the opportunity to optimize the integration of the UV dryers in the machines of the Speedmaster series. It plays a key role in guaranteeing the quality of the drying of inks and coatings and above all central and uniform control on the printing press control station. The technology behind UV drying requires continuous monitoring for safety reasons and for cooling the radiators – one of the most important reasons for Heidelberg to build up this close partnership with IST.

The Speedmaster CD 102 remains the uncontested benchmark in the offset market with over 110,000 units sold. It always benefits from the latest technical developments introduced for its younger sister, the Speedmaster XL 106 , like the Prinect Press Center 2 control station, the Preset Plus feeder and delivery, or the latest generation of gripper bars.

Etna Pack: a long tradition in the production of quality packaging

With a workforce of 94, turnover of 9 million euros in 2018, and exports of 20 percent, Etna Pack’s many years of experience in the production of tailored products make it ideally placed to meet the requirements for complex and highly embellished packaging. All production is done in-house, which enables better control of production processes, costs, and delivery times. “Responsiveness is one of our strengths. We can develop a complete product within a short time, with design and run volume handled on site,” explains Philippe Ros.

“Another special feature is that boxes and folding cartons are produced at one and the same location in Nantua. The ability to control the entire production chain, especially design and prototyping when developing new products, is hugely beneficial in terms of efficiency, because we can provide an immediate response when customers visit us to conduct validation and print approval.” While demand for simple boxes has dropped significantly, demand for complex and pre-assembled boxes is growing.

“Our organization and our size as a company let us respond efficiently to these special requirements that call for more complex and more sophisticated manual work such as adding fittings, magnets or knots. This is our strength. This in mind and in order to complete the process, we recently entered into a joint venture with Marvinpac in the Czech Republic and can now offer the cosmetics and perfumery industries a full-service range up to the delivery of pre-assembled boxes,” adds the CEO.

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As a member of Impriclub, Etna Pack carries the Imprim‘Vert quality seal and is certified to ISO 9001 and 140001. It uses environmentally compatible raw materials as well as in particular low-odor and low-migration plant inks and coatings and has been sending its waste for recycling for many years.

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