Over 2,200 users from more than 1,100 print shops already use the Heidelberg Assistant , which launched around 18 months ago. And with good reason, as the digital customer portal simplifies and speeds up workflows in administration, production, management and procurement. Managers and staff enjoy dedicated online access 24/7 on their PC, smartphone or tablet to all the information and services they need to ensure efficient operations.

Take accounts staff, for example. They can get an instant overview of all contracts with Heidelberg, services used and the associated invoices. And while the Heidelberg Assistant ensures purchasing staff find the right parts and consumables in the eShop straight away, the production team increases machine availability and performance, thanks to rapid access to expert knowledge, up-to-date service notifications, training materials and predictive maintenance messages.

What’s more, the Heidelberg Assistant is also a valuable strategic sparring partner for management, as it always has up-to-date key figures for corporate control. The software offers a quick, user- friendly way to find answers to questions such as: Which service engineer is coming and when? Or: What is the capacity utilization on my machines? Users can see all processes in real time and track them seamlessly across departments, shifts and sites. This creates transparency and simplifies communication, both internally and with Heidelberg.

And, best of all, the basic version of the Heidelberg Assistant is free of charge and is constantly being enhanced. Furthermore, premium services, such as comprehensive data analyses and inventory management for consumables by Heidelberg, can also be booked on a flexible basis to extend the range of functions.

Identifying and
harnessing potential

“We already guessed we still had scope to raise net productivity. But until now we’ve never been able to say exactly where the problems are. The Heidelberg Assistant finally gives us clarity, because it shows us where we could make improvements. It gives me clear diagrams showing the performance parameters I want for each machine in the pressroom – for example, makeready, auxiliary and throughput times, paper waste and the number of printed sheets, either over time or in comparison with our other machines, and even across sites. Now we can identify at a glance the machines with disproportionately long makeready times. And we can take targeted steps and monitor our success.”

Boosting productivity

“The digital service messages have increased our machine availability even further, because even without in-depth technical knowledge, we can send a detailed description to Heidelberg if we suspect a fault. To do this, we simply take photos and videos of the relevant machine component on a smartphone and attach the files to the message, which is sent directly to the team of experts at Heidelberg. While the issue is being investigated, we’re kept continuously up to date via the Heidelberg Assistant and can even communicate interactively with the Heidelberg expert within the message. In the event of a planned call-out, Heidelberg inserts the agreed date directly into our maintenance calendar. This ensures we no longer miss any appointments and enables us to optimize planning for the machine.”

Smarter shopping

“The great thing is I get a clear list of all our machines in the Heidelberg Assistant and I can jump to the eShop based on a specific machine. The system knows from my user ID which ones we’ve installed. I only need to click on the relevant machine and I can see the corresponding consumables and wear parts. Then I select what I’m looking for – and that’s it. It’s fast and paperless. Above all, though, the entire ordering process is completely transparent. From ordering through to billing, all transactions are easy to find for accounts and controlling.”

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