Pimp my press.

When you buy a new car, you need to agree all extras before making the purchase. Heidelberg presses are much more flexible in this regard – even years later, you keep on being offered more.

Life would be a lot easier if you could see into the future. Determining future customer needs would then be no problem – nor would arriving at the press equipment required. Unfortunately, the reality looks quite different. If requirements change or cost pressures increase, print shops often have only limited options to adapt. Heidelberg presses, on the other hand, support flexible configuration – and not just when ordering, but also years later in some cases.

A whole new press
is not always
necessary. Most functions can be retrofitted to profitable effect
after the original purchase.

“Demand for automation is currently increasing, particularly on the Asian market,” says Dennis Rossmannek, product manager with responsibility for retrofitting at Heidelberg. This is due to rising personnel costs, stricter environmental protection standards and growing quality requirements from customers. “Features such as blanket washup systems and color measuring systems have so far been rare in this area, but demand is increasing.”

Virtually anything is possible

This is where Rossmannek and his team come in. Working closely with the customer, they determine the precise needs and explore the options for upgrading the relevant presses.

“In principle we can upgrade virtually all functions that are also available in a new press,” says Rossmannek. Whether an upgrade is worth it depends heavily on the individual circumstances. However, Rossmannek argues that an upgrade almost always makes sense for washup systems in particular. “Customers need to carry out washing relatively often during the day. Doing this manually is very timeconsuming. Automating the process makes it around ten times faster, which means the upgrade often pays for itself after just half a year or even less.”

The Inpress Control color measuring system, which enables significant cuts in the time for measuring and adjusting the ink, is also a popular upgrade...

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