Conventional drip-off application: Conventional inks are used for the process colors. A special-effect print varnish is applied in the final printing unit to the areas that are to have a matt appearance. Next, the coating unit is used to apply a conventional full-area high-gloss coating that drips off the areas previously given a matt coating. This maintains the matt effect of these areas and gives the remaining areas a gloss surface.

Hybrid or UV drip-off application:

Hybrid or UV inks are used for the process colors. A further printing unit is used to apply a UV special-effect print varnish to the parts of the motif that are to have a matt appearance. Next, the coating unit is used to apply a full-area UV high-gloss coating. Because a UV high-gloss coating is used for hybrid applications, a higher gloss level can be achieved than with a drip-off application produced using a conventional, water-based high-gloss coating. With hybrid applications, however, the structure of the matt effect is stronger than with drip-off applications. This surface with a less homogeneous appearance is created because the UV coating absorbed is glossier than the conventional coating which has been repelled.

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