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Offset 5020 is a print shop managed by Gerald Watzal where discerning customers feel well looked after, even out of normal business hours. The machinery that enables the rapid completion of print orders comprises two new Speedmaster CD 102 presses from Heidelberg.

The frankness of the confession made by Mr Waltzal is initially rather surprising, "I'm really the wrong person to ask about the functionalities of my printing machines. It's hard enough for me to use my cell phone," fibs Gerald Watzal. Visitors to Offset 5020 in Salzburg, Austria tend to be a little suspicious of the owner's alleged dislike of technical details as it fails to quite fit in with a strategy of sustained corporate success that clearly produces results. In practice, this means that Gerald Watzal is spared the task of digging through operating manuals for printing machines because he has hired a machine operator to relieve him of the burden. And there is more: Watzal also employs someone whose job would be the envy of many printing industry experts. All year, this employee does little else than evaluate printing-industry-specific hardware and software at trade fairs and on-site at the suppliers' - a trend researcher hunting for innovation within the print media industry, so to speak. Watzal's trend researcher spent a week at drupa so that his boss only had to fly in for two days to make the final decisions with regard to new investments. "I'm spared the menial tasks, really, which gives me the opportunity to concentrate fully on my business," says the manager of currently around 55 employees reflecting on his privileged circumstances.

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