• Optimum print results thanks to stable metering of alcohol and dampening solution additives in the cabinet
  • Automatic metering of dampening solution additives, including fresh water
  • Dampening solution circulating and cooling device for clean dampening solution
  • Cartridge with filter mat
  • Tall cabinet reduces the footprint
  • Accurate measurement and metering of alcohol for stable printing conditions
  • CAN connection and Remote Service facilitate operation and shorten makeready times

Dampening Solution Conditioning for Stable Conditions in the Dampening System

A precise concentration of dampening solution additive and a clean dampening solution are essential for optimum print results. Thanks to the optimum dampening solution conditioning of HydroStar and HydroStar Compact, there is no need for frequent changing of the dampening solution. This saves you both time and money and boosts your productivity.

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