Heat Recovery.

  • Available for DryStar Combination dryers for the Speedmaster XL 106 and Speedmaster XL 75
  • Lower energy costs to heat the air for the drying process
  • Improves print shops’ environmental performance

Lower Energy Consumption During the Drying Process

To dry dispersion coatings fast and effectively, a great deal of energy is needed to heat the air. An extraction system subsequently releases the hot air applied to the print sheet into the atmosphere as waste heat. The heat recovery system for DryStar Combination dryers from Heidelberg recycles the heat from this exhaust air, feeding it into the fresh air supply and reusing it for the drying process. A cross-flow heat exchanger ensures none of the moisture contained in the exhaust air is transferred. This heat recovery system reduces energy costs and makes a significant contribution to improving a print shop’s environmental performance.

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