CombiStar and CombiStar Pro.

  • Dampening solution conditioning, inking unit temperature control, and fine filtration of dampening solution as an integrated solution in a single cabinet
  • Innovative “free cooling” using outdoor air to cool the inking unit at outside temperatures to save additional energy
  • Digidos system for ultra-precise metering of dampening solution additives
  • FilterStar integration – for enhanced fine filtration of dampening solution, removing dirt particles
  • Trend display to analyze dampening solution
  • Two low-maintenance inductive conductivity probes to evaluate the quality of the dampening solution and fresh water

Dampening Solution Conditioning and Inking Unit Temperature Control for Top Print Results

CombiStar combines effective dampening solution conditioning with the advantages of inking unit temperature control in an integrated solution. You benefit from the best possible conditions throughout the run, which reduces your workload and costs. Frequent changes of dampening solution take up a great deal of time. Filtration technology improves the quality of the dampening solution and makes it last longer. CombiStar also ensures that the inking unit is pre-heated when the machine starts up and cooled during the production run. The temperatures of the printing plate, ink, and blanket are thus always kept constant. There is less startup and production run waste, the ink consistency remains stable, and ink zones and dampening need to be adjusted less often.

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