Speedmaster CD 102.



Free adjustable wash programs cover all practical cases.

Parallel washing of the blankets, the impression cylinder and the inking unit is possible. Cleaning manually is no longer necessary.



Print free area perfectly used.

The sheet brakes can be positioned as desired, preventing

marks on the sheet. They ensure rapid work-and-turn and short throughput times. The sheet brake system is equipped with easily exchangeable suction tapes for optimal fixing of the sheet on the suction section.




Ink change - Faster, simpler and cleaner.

Ink fountain liner protects the ink fountain from pollution. The foil can be easily replaced without additional manual effort. In addition, the color jaws can be removed very simply. Parallel wash programs - monitored by the ink fountain sensor shorten makeready times additionally.



Intellistart reduces walking distances between the machine control station and the printing press as well as downtimes.

Compared to the adjustment without Intellistart operator guidance system, up to 70% of the operating steps can be reduce - depending on the complexity of the job change. ( sh . Charts ).



Fast and economical.

With an average of 5 job changes per day preset settings save you two minutes per makeready and 60 waste sheets by eliminating additional fine adjustment.


Fully automatic sheet arrival control ensures non-stop production.

Full automatic optimization of the sheet arrival if a trend of early, late or not aligned sheets avoids systematically stoppers at the feeder.

Therefore the net production speed is significantly higher compared to a machine without control system.




Sheet travel sensor monitors the sheet transfer from the first to the last unit.

The electromechanical multi point sheet detector protects the press by stopping the feeder in the event of detecting any stray items such as folded sheets or packaging.



Quick and easy.

Thanks to the Roller Check Assistant the review and adjustment takes only 10 minutes per printing unit compared to manual adjustment which takes 30 minutes to complete.

The easy roller setting is standardized for Speedmaster presses and therefore easily transferred from one machine to the other.

The simple, fast handling allows a preventive examination and thus ensures higher quality, less waste and a lower complaint rate.



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