Stack Turner.

  • One operator can easily transfer the piles from pallet onto the feed table of the Stack Turner
  • The pile stop helps to align the pile of blanks precisely
  • Automated turning of piles and precise feeding of printed blanks into the high-performance Diana Feeder
  • Up to 4 turning cycles per minute guarantee a high production capacity
  • Process of different carton sizes and formats with pile heights of 100 to 300 mm (3.94 to 11.81 in)
  • A user-friendly control panel offers easy access

Productivity from the Word Go

The Stack Turner was developed specifically for turning and feeding piles of blanks. When used in conjunction with the high-performance Diana Feeder and Diana Packer, it is the ideal complement to a Diana folding carton gluing machine. One operator can easily transfer the piles of blanks from the pallet onto the Stack Turner’s feed table. The innovative pile stop helps him align the pile of blanks precisely. The Stack Turner is controlled from a user-friendly control panel on the side of the machine that offers easy access. Operators can also opt to control the entire folding carton gluing machine from the Stack Turner using a wired remote control device. In the standard configuration, the lateral pile stop for pile placement is fitted on the operator’s side. The Stack Turner processes different carton sizes and formats with ease, supporting pile heights of 100 to 300 millimeters (3.94 to 11.81 inches). With up to four turning cycles per minute, it also benefits from a high production capacity.

Diana Feeder

The Diana Feeder prefeeder ensures folding carton gluing machines have a continuous supply of blanks.

Diana Feeder

Diana Packer

Able to pack over 200,000 cartons per hour, the Diana Packer effortlessly keeps pace with the output of high-performance machines.

Diana Packer

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