Inlet Spotter.

  • For manufacturing two-part folding cartons and carrier cartons for washing powder
  • Separate servomotor ensures flexibility for connection to the folding carton gluer
  • Reliable feed, including difficult blanks
  • Exact combining of folding carton and inlet blanks
  • The Diana Feeder and inlet prefeeder can be combined with add-on machines for maximum productivity and ease of use

Efficient Gluing of Reinforcing Inlets

The Inlet-Spotter module enables reinforcing inlets to be glued into folding carton blanks, for example in the case of large soap powder boxes or two-part packaging used for transport and display purposes. The timed feeder of the Inlet-Spotter ensures greater reliability and flexibility in the production of two-part packaging. Operating at speeds of over 200 meters (650 feet) per minute, it sets the correct speed for the folding carton gluing machine. The Inlet-Spotter has its own servo drive, which means it can be flexibly deployed on any folding carton gluing machine. It can also be combined with add on machines such as the Diana Feeder and the inlet prefeeder to maximize productivity.

Diana Feeder

The Diana Feeder prefeeder ensures folding carton gluing machines have a continuous supply of blanks.

Diana Feeder

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