Diana X 80/Diana X 115.

  • Flexible machine configurations for professional, customized folding carton production geared to challenging customer requirements
  • End-to-end servo drive technology concept enables easy integration of add-ons
  • Open modular design and easy accessibility shorten makeready times
  • Automatic Stack Turner delivers productivity from start to finish
  • The Diana Braille module enables Braille to be embossed on all areas of the carton and simultaneous embossing of several areas
  • The Diana Inspection Control module offers dependable quality control and reliability in production

Professional, High-Quality Folding Carton Production

The Diana X 80 and Diana X 115 folding carton gluing machines can be used flexibly for the production of both standard and high quality packaging. With production speeds of up to 650 meters (2,130 feet) per minute, a high level of automation, and an open and easily accessible modular design, they deliver maximum productivity, precise folding carton processing, and optimum flexibility. This innovative technology makes it possible to customize the machines and expand them according to precise requirements. With a working width of 800 millimeters (31.49 inches), the Diana X 80 is ideal for processing pharmaceutical packaging, while a working width of up to 1,150 millimeters (45.28 inches) ensures that the Diana X 115 is the perfect solution for processing anything from standard to highly complex packaging.

Stack Turner

The Stack Turner from Heidelberg was developed specifically for turning and feeding piles of blanks.

Stack Turner

Diana Braille Modul

The Diana Braille module expands the possibilities of your folding carton gluing machine.

Diana Braille Modul

Diana Inspection Control Modul

The entire print image of the folding carton is monitored throughout the production process on the folding carton gluing machine.

Diana Inspection Control Modul

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