Universal deliveries.

Stream deliveries SA / SAF / SAL.H / SAK.H

The stream deliveries SA, SAF, SAL.H and SAK.H are universal systems to deliver single or multiple-ups and are capable of processing a wide range of formats, product thicknesses and shapes. The infeed height and the conveyor speed are adjustable precisely.

The stream deliveries SA 36, SA 52 and SAF 56 with CCT plug can be operated in conjunction with a CCT controlled Stahlfolder Ti machine. In contrast, the stream deliveries SAF.H 56, SAF.H 66, SAL.H 66 and SAK.H 94 with MCT plug are suitable for operation in the MCT control system composite. While the stream deliveries SA, SAF 56 and SAF.H need a previous CCT or MCT control system to operate, the stream deliveries SAL.H and SAK.H can also be connected via interface modules to historic machine control systems.

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