Stahlfolder TH/KH.



The automated Stahlfolder TH/KH folder can be set up by 30 % faster, compared to their manual variants. With the loading of folding programs – either from the storage of the machine with repeat orders or by data from the Prinect Workflows – setting steps like folding roller, slitter shafts and buckle plate stops are done fully automatically and do not require any interference by the operator.



The digital fold type catalogue contains more than 80 folding schemes, from 2 to 64 pages, for an easy set-up of your folding machine.




The operator is guided through the set-up process step by step by means of the setting assistant so that a given order of the setting parameters is stuck to and no necessary basic settings can be overlooked.



Due to the reduction of the setting elements and steps to the very necessary, each operator is able to set the automated Stahlfolder folding machine by selecting a fold type, entering the sheet width and –length and the paper grammage.



Set-up process of two exemplary fold jobs:




The stations of Stahlfolder TH 82-P which can be unscrewed allow for an easy and operator-friendly reaching of operating elements and slitter shafts. By fixing them at a certain place they can easily be turned back to their production position.



Operate the machine from the position where the operator is standing:

  • Touchscreen at feeder
  • Control panel at alignment table
  • Control panel at 2nd station
  • Control panel at 3rd station
  • Control panel at 4th station
  • Control panel at the delivery



Repeat orders can be loaded with automated Stahlfolder TH/KH machines by means of the stored job data including the previous fine adjustments, as e.g. angle adjustment and production can be started immediately. The first sheet fits.


Ease of operation.

Control panels and symbols are designed according to Heidelberg standards– intuitive control of all Stahlfolder folders and deliveries on the lines of your printing machines.



Ease of operation.

Adjustments to the air management of the PFX-feeder, the AirstreamTable and the pneumatic twin lay system can be put in easily at the Touchscreen.



In the Stahlfolder TH/KH series you will find all modules and units you need for the fold production. If further requirements should be added in the course of time, you can retrofit versatilely.

You can use the Stahlfolder TH/KH machines for all popular fold types and you do not restrict yourself when some jobs have to be assigned to certain machines. Full flexibility in your scheduling and production.



“Key operator of the folding machine gets sick during high volume job. Delivery date in jeopardy. Colleague from the saddle stitcher has to fill in. The Heidelberg service expert could train the operator quickly by using Remote Service. The operator got a short training within 30 minutes. Print shop was able to setup and produce the new job. The job was delivered on time to the customer.”

Customer, Germany




Conclude a Service contract with Heidelberg, which supports your folder e.g. for 36 months for all contingencies.



When setting-up a new fold job, all settings of the folder are reset to the basic setting so that no settings of the machine influence negatively the following job.

This "unloaded drive" reduces the machine wear to a minimum.



The Stahlfolder TH/KH 82-P machines achieve an annual average output with a 16-pages A4-signature with two shifts of approx. 40 Mio. folded sheets. The basis on this is 8 hours per shift and 240 working days.

Thus you can assign exactly one folding machine to each printing machine in order to make your planning easier.




The two-step acceleration of the signatures allows for a process reliable transfer onto the AirstreamTable. This is realized by two suction wheels – one from top and one from bottom.



The buckle plates with spindle drive are known for their absolutely exact setting. It ensures that exactly the value you have put in at the touchscreen is realized in the buckle plate. The self-locking spindles provide for perfect position stability even with long productions.



Due to the shingled processing of the signatures with the Stahlfolder TH 82-P you can place 50 % more signatures into the machine and enable a shingled folding through all stations. This increases your output although you maintain the process reliable lower speed – better quality and easier operation of the machine.



The Stahlfolder TH/KH 82-P machines process the signatures in a shingled way in the PFX pallet feeder, in the buckle plate units of the 1rd until the 3rd station, as well as in the 1st knife fold unit. This increases the productivity of the whole machine through the transport and the processing of „more sheets in the same time“.



A 16-pages signature A4 with 135 g/m² runs with 130 m/min and a shingling degree of almost 50 % with more than 16.000 sheets per hour on the Stahlfolder TH 82-P.

Maximum machine speeds of 230 m/min are basically possible with conventional, non-shingled fold productions. The higher speeds with shingled fold production are non-practicable for reasons of application technique and paper.

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