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Small format delivery STA 40.

The small format delivery STA 40 is specially designed for small-sized products down to two centimeters final product length and four millimeters maximum product thickness. This makes it the ideal delivery for multiple folded packaging inserts, as used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Small format delivery STA 40

The mobile delivery reliably prevents the folded products from bursting up again, because they are delivered upright, with the spine downwards against the vertical sprung stop. The integrated counting and marking function allows the lateral displacement of the folded products. Thus the operator can unload them in an exact amount into trays. With the optional extended delivery table, the buffering capacity of the delivery is increased, whereby a large number of thick products can be delivered. The continuously adjustable speed and infeed height allows combining the small format delivery STA 40 with all Stahlfolder folding machines. At this juncture, the most important machine functions can be controlled via the integrated control panel.

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