POLAR Pile Turners.

POLAR Pile Turners for Automatic and Fast Turning of Material

POLAR Pile Turners are drawn out by high performance with a small footprint and a short turnaround time. Long waiting times by manual repositioning are eliminated, which improves the ergonomics as well. Also a gentle treatment of the material excludes damages.

Model variants:

  • PW-1: picks up the pile on one side of the machine, sandwiched between two platforms, rotates it on a horizontal axis and puts it down on the opposite side.
  • PW-4: requires less space, because it puts down the reversed pallet in the same place where it has taken it up. The reversing movement is carried out manually. PW-4 is easy to handle and convincing due to a very low turning point and the short turning time of approx. 35 seconds.
  • PW-4 ABV und PW-6 ABV: Both have the same functions as the base model, but in addition they also provide airing and aligning function. This increases the quality of the stack and has a decisive influence on the subsequent production processes.

The model ABV also offers a vibration function. In tilting position and in conjunction with the airing this optimizes the stack quality more effectively.

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