Saphira Low Migration.

  • Low-migration materials with a test certificate
  • Carefully selected consumables for both dried and greasy foodstuffs
  • Wide-ranging portfolio including inks, coatings, fountain solutions, washes, folding carton glues and lubricants
  • All products are independently tested and certified as being suitable for use with food products

For excellent protection and greater safety.

Elements from materials used in food packaging must not be allowed to migrate into the contents. Migration depends on the materials used, interaction between the consumables used, and the design of the packaging itself. The processing of the materials (e.g. drying) is frequently the crucial problem in this respect. Heidelberg has taken particular care in selecting its range and offers a broad-based portfolio of suitable consumables. This extends from inks, coatings, fountain solutions, and washing fluids to folding carton glue and lubricants.

Another key factor is the subsequent application for the packaging – for instance, will it be used for dried and/or greasy foodstuffs? All materials are specially designed to prevent/minimize migration or impairment of the packaged product.

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