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Print Shop Optimization.

  • Integrated approach for print shops – from consulting to implementation
  • Boosts revenues by systematically harnessing all potential for improvement
  • Customized model – tailored to your specific needs
  • Low basic charges, performance-related fees

A new approach to boosting profits.

Our print shop optimization process provides you with an extensive analysis of your entire workflow and print shop performance in conjunction with a specific implementation plan to optimize your operation and reduce costs. So the improvement measures are geared toward your print shop as a whole.

Unleash your full potential: Print shop optimization is used to develop your print shop's full potential – not just part of it. It covers not just the analysis of individual components or systems but the whole process from order entry to billing. This holistic approach to optimization starts with sound analysis and advice, and includes everything right through to implementation, plus support for implementation measures.

Comprehensive analysis: This requires a totally precise examination of all areas of the print shop from the sales department and front office to logistics and administration. The results of this analysis then form the basis for the action plan to improve the print shop as a whole. In the process, we prioritize measures based on the desired results, and each measure is offset by an exact calculation of potential savings and its anticipated return on investment.

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