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Speedmaster SX 52-5+L. Harnessing Speedmaster technology for multiple short runs and a wide range of coatings and special effects.

The best on the market

“There’s a growing trend toward more spot colors and coatings, and wine labels are no exception. We can now meet this demand, thanks to our Speedmaster SX 52-5+L. The frequently used special-effect drip-off coating with matt and gloss is now no problem either. Replacing our four-year-old Speedmaster SM 52-4 with the SX was the right decision. The SX 52 is the best machine on the market, in my opinion,” says Daniel Grossnick, Managing Director of Graphic Druck GmbH in Bad Kreuznach, explaining his decision to make the new investment. Christoph Sünder, co-owner of the company and responsible for technology and production, adds: “It wasn’t just the press that impressed us. The consumables also get top marks from us. The Saphira printing plates, which are produced without using chemicals, usually run cleanly after just five sheets. Drying inks and coatings is also straightforward. Saphira products work like a dream, and the price-performance ratio is perfect.”

The print shop was founded in the wine town of Bad Kreuznach by Hartmut Grossnick and Kurt Sünder in 1970 and produced mainly commercial materials. Daniel Grossnick, printing engineer and business economics graduate, took over the company in 2004, transforming it into a specialty business that now has 18 employees and using it to offer printing in short runs but with a wide range of coatings and special effects. Today, the print shop doesn’t just produce the finest wine labels but also the corresponding advertising material. However, Grossnick isn’t just making a name for himself with stylish print products. He has caused a sensation since the patented conversion of Tiegel presses from Heidelberg for web processing under the name Pracmatic.

“The continuous development of new products and the cultivation of new market areas gives us a head start of between one and two years, with suitably frequent changes to our range of machinery. Numerous special machines for coatings, special effects, and imprints are replaced on a continuous basis,” says Grossnick, describing his company’s strategy. And the print shop’s success has proved him right. In this wine-growing region, he is well-known for giving good wine the perfect finish.

Graphic Druck GmbH, DE

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