Colonial Printing finds new business opportunities with Versafire CV.

Colonial Quality Printing, Inc., a commercial shop in Wisconsin, is expanding its clientele with the help of a Versafire CV from Heidelberg. The Versafire CV was recently installed, replacing an older competitive digital press.

Great Capabilities, Even Greater Price

“The Versafire CV is a part of our dynamic growth plan,” said John McAdams, Vice President. “We had reached our capacity limits on our old digital device, and we needed something that could handle the high demands of the digital side of our business.”

Unique in its class, the Versafire CV can print five colors with a maximum speed of 90 pages-per-minute. Aside from enhanced productivity, the digital printing system offers both a high-opacity white and a high-gloss full-area or spot coating —just a few of the highlights that give the quality and capabilities expected from more expensive competitive models in the market.

“We are able to offer better turnaround times due to the combination of enhanced speed, registration and color consistency,” said McAdams. “The extra features of this machine, including the 5th color unit and ability to run up to 27.5 inch sheets, at this price point are an excellent fit for our shop, and have already provided a number of opportunities for us.”

Finding the Balance

Operating as a 2-color, quick print business for 20 years, the Wisconsin based printer was also looking to extend its offerings. In the last 6 years, the business has developed into a commercial shop with both digital and 4-color offset capabilities.

“Quick print was the root of our business for many years,” said McAdams. “Now that we’ve expanded, the Versafire CV gives us a nice balance between our two worlds. It gives us the quality and consistency needed in a commercial environment, but also the ability to easily switch between different substrates for the quick print clientele that we serve — its ability to control color on-the-fly makes it extremely user-friendly.”

Colonial Quality Printing is a Milwaukee-based printing company with more than two decades of experience, specializing in printing, finishing, mailing services, large format and more. As artisan craftsmen who run a well-oiled machine, the company caters to local and national printing needs. With a large focus on work ethic and customer service, Colonial Quality Printing has an eye-for-detail and provides its customers with the highest quality product.

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