Screen printing plate.

Screeny S-Line.

About Gallus

Screeny S-Line.

In short:

  • Spring hardness
  • Very robust
  • High printing speed


The Screeny S-Line products are based on proven processes and new technology, and stand for spring hardness, strength, and speed. The recognized high quality of the Screeny screen printing plate is enhanced with new strength properties, which include spring hardness. This particular feature is the result of the new basic structure, which combines high strength and excellent springback. The high stability of the screen printing plates is particularly well suited to longer and larger print jobs, and enables a higher printing speed.

The Screeny S-Line products are resistant to dirt and splices on the paper web. The result is minimal machine downtimes, significantly higher productivity, and brilliant printing results. Six different types of Screeny S-Line are available from stock.

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