Screen printing plate.

Screeny C-Line.

About Gallus

Screeny C-Line.

In short:

  • Superior, reproducible quality
  • A small number of simple steps in the prepress stage
  • System solutions with the Gallus frame system


The Screeny C-Line is perfect for UV, solvent, and one and two-component ink systems. The optimum application is direct printing on hollow containers.

The industrially reinforced and pre-coated Gallus Screeny G-Line and C-Line screen printing plates enable an extremely fast production time of just six minutes per print-ready screen printing plate. This produces a time-saving of 60 minutes compared to conventional screen manufacture.

The spring-mounted plate frame prevents distortion of the screen printing plate during the blade process, which increases the size of print runs. Compared to conventional screen manufacture, the Gallus Screeny G-Line and C-Line offer unbeatable cost benefits and quality improvements when decorating hollow containers.

The Screeny G-Line and C-Line are available from stock.

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