The dryer system for top results in UV printing.

DryStar UV.

  • UV interdeck and delivery dryers based on the Plug & Print principle for quick and easy use at the required location in a single step
  • Optimum integration into the press for excellent drying efficiency
  • Ideal temperature management protects temperature- sensitive materials and ensures perfect register accuracy
  • Water-cooled cold air generator for efficient, energysaving, and cost-effective cooling
  • InstantStart minimizes waiting times and boosts productivity
  • DryStar Advanced software saves all dryer settings with the job

The dryer system for top results in UV printing.

With DryStar UV, the benefits of the DryStar system can also be used in UV printing. Its perfect integration into the press, the very small distance between UV dryer and sheet, and the use of an innovative reflector coating have increased the dryer output significantly. As a result, top production speeds are possible in UV printing, too.

Efficient temperature management ensures that, despite the high output, heat transfer to the printing stock is minimized. This is ideal for sensitive materials and ensures complete register accuracy, even when printing on thin plastic films. A special reflector is used that focuses the UV rays onto the sheet. The heat-inducing IR radiation, on the other hand, is absorbed by cold air from the energy-saving water-cooled cold air generator – for top results in UV printing.

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