Heidelberg dryer systems speed up production.


  • DryStar Combination for perfect drying of waterbased coatings
  • DryStar Coating, the compact solution for occasional coating jobs
  • DryStar LY(Y)L for double coating applications and the use of metallic or functional coatings
  • Recovering heat in DryStar Combination dryers enables heat from exhaust air to be reused for enhanced energy efficiency
  • DryStar Advanced software saves all dryer settings with the job

Heidelberg dryer systems speed up production.

Heidelberg is the only press manufacturer that develops its own dryer systems – individually tailored to each press. DryStar Ink, DryStar Coating, DryStar Combination, and DryStar LY(Y)L ensure you will find the right dryer for any application. Perfect coordination between sheet travel and dryer optimizes drying and quality, even with maximum machine speeds, high ink coverage or challenging coatings. No other system achieves a comparable level of efficiency. Thanks to this highly effective drying, sheets are available for finishing very quickly.

DryStar Combination – The end dryer for all applications.
DryStar Coating – The ideal solution for occasional coating
DryStar LY(Y)L – The brilliant solution for double coating applications
Saving energy by recirculating heat
Instant Start - Shorter waiting times, more productivity
DryStar Advanced
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