Extraction of powder dust from process air improves the atmosphere in the pressroom.


  • The amount of dust in the pressroom is cut by over 80 percent
  • Ammonia emissions are reduced to a level well below the statutory limits
  • Less cleaning is required on the press and in the pressroom
  • Aerosols and dust particles are caught and removed in an exhaust air cleaning cabinet
  • The self-cleaning system prevents the buildup of powder and reduces the risk of powder falling into the delivery
  • Optimally coordinated with sheet travel and stacking
  • Easy access to the sheet guide plate and powder tube

Extraction of powder dust from process air improves the atmosphere in the pressroom.

Heidelberg has specifically adapted the functions and performance of the CleanStar® process air extraction system to suit the requirements of Speedmaster presses. CleanStar effectively minimizes powder emissions from the delivery, reduces odor emissions when using dispersion and UV coatings, and efficiently removes waste heat generated by drying processes.

The CleanStar system tackles the problem at source. Four extraction ducts arranged around the pile collect any stray powder, while additional brush elements in the delivery clean the returning chains and gripper bars. The process air is routed to an exhaust air cleaning cabinet where a filter separates off paper and powder dust. This reduces the amount of dust around the press by 80 percent.

CleanStar Compact is ideal for print shops that are able to route air containing powder outdoors without filtration. It benefits from the same extraction devices as CleanStar but operates with individual blowers rather than an exhaust air cleaning cabinet.

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