As flexible all-rounders with up to three folding stations and a maximum of six buckle plates, they convincingly meet a variety of requirements. They not only reliably cover a wide range of fold types, but can also handle challenging jobs involving complex folds with ease.

The Stahlfolder Ti 36 is designed for small formats and miniature folding applications such as mini booklets or packaging inserts for pharmaceutical products. The Stahlfolder Ti 52 meets your customers’ requirements in the medium-size format range with a wide variety of folding applications right through to multiple gluing operations.

Or take advantage of the benefits of both machines. Combining the Stahlfolder Ti 52 and Stahlfolder Ti 36 in a customized configuration gives you greater flexibility and allows you to also offer miniature folds in the medium-size format range. The machine is also easy to operate thanks to the clear control system with graphical symbols and a learning mode. It pays for you to be this versatile. With a small investment you can offer folded products with high added value. Your investment will quickly pay itself off on this basis. The prerequisite for long-term success.


Feeder (1)
Digital control systemCCT (2)
Accessories (3)
Folding units (4)
Folding rollers (5)
Buckle plates (6)
Slitter shafts (7)
Deliveries (8)
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