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Prinect Management Solutions

Greater transparency is the solution
From a business management point of view, a high proportion of costs these days lies in job preparation. These are costs which you need to get under control. Prinect Management Solutions can help you do just that. With its automated costing function, Prinect not only ensures rapid, reliable handling of growing numbers of inquiries, it also considerably improves the transparency of job status information. With Prinect Management Solutions, you have a constant overview of all variables, both technical and business management. Prinect links the business processes of a print shop with its production processes. For you this means that decisions about production processes, bottlenecks, prices and costs can be taken on the basis of real data rather than unreliable estimates and assumptions

Reliable costing
Here is how the Prinect Prinance Print Management System works: the program asks for product-specific details and guides the user step-by-step through the process of costing prepress, press and postpress work. It is a rapid, simple and error-free solution. With Prinect Prinance, you can even maintain a clear costing overview of complex print products with different options, colors and papers where production involves several different presses. With the support of the press library supplied, production parameters are automatically calculated from the product definition. Quotes issued are also passed to the relevant sales personnel through Microsoft Outlook so that they can be followed up properly. This ensures that jobs never go missing in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day operations.

Improved job preparation
Production starts with the administrative aspect - namely job preparation. Prinect Prinance determines all the production steps required for the job, which means that each stage in the process is pre-structured. This gives a precise picture of which steps need to be taken in which order, at which cost center and with which key deadlines. The job-related data is packaged into an electronic job ticket and passed to the Prinect Data Control production planning and control system. Additionally, the components are pre-configured in the production workflow, i.e. Prinect Signa Station and Prinect Printready System for prepress, Prinect CP2000 Center in the pressroom and Prinect FCS100 in the finishing stage. The overall effect is that error-prone and time-consuming repeat entry operations for job numbers, customer names and the like are eliminated. What is more, this data remains consistent throughout the business and production processes. Overall, this considerably reduces the risk of having to carry out cost-intensive post-processing because of incorrect instructions.

Transparent order processing
You therefore have a precise overview of the current status of quotes, orders, invoices and the like at all times and in all stages of the job preparation process. This means that you can be assured of complete transparency in real time. The integrated capacity planning function will also let you know immediately whether a job is going to be produced to schedule, allowing you to respond quickly.

Production planning and control
All the information relating to the status of a print job and its planning status is automatically relayed in real time from the networked workstations to Prinect Data Control. This gives a precise picture at any time of exactly what stage a job is at and how far away it is from completion. Greater transparency also means that capacity reserves can be identified at an early stage and available potential can be fully utilized. A wide range of reports accurately log precise performance and event data during each press shift to provide a clear overview of the production process. Precise post-costing Prinect Management Solutions also ensure effective cost control. Each job is evaluated, and the results are presented in a clear and simple format. This gives you reliable figures, so that you can tell how profitably you are working at all times. Operating data can be captured either manually by entering the job slips for the day or through automatic import via the interfaced components. Prinect Prinance provides you with precise and reliable information such as comparisons of targets and actual performance, product group analyses or cost center productivity analyses.


  • Precise pre- and post-costing of every job
  • Automatic exchange of job data/operating data with the production workflow (Prinect components Prinect Signa Station, Prinect Printready System, Prinect CP2000 Center and Prinect FCS 100)
  • Management decisions supported by accurate information
  • Clear electronic job ticket
  • A clear picture of cost-effectiveness

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