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Speedmaster SM 52 with Anicolor

Revolutionary new inking unit
The Anicolor Inking Unit of the Speedmaster SM 52 is the Answer to Shrinking Print Runs.
Anicolor is the efficient solution for your business success. Your press begins to pay for itself from the first job onwards. The short setup times mean you can print more jobs each day - and can do so at lower costs.

Anicolor is a short zoneless inking unit that is designed to deliver absolutely consistent volumes of ink. Anicolor adjusts ink volume zonelessly across the entire sheet. The even transfer of precise ink volumes is achieved using a format-size screen roller located between the chambered blade and the inking form roller. Ink volume is metered by adjusting the temperature of the screen roller. The volume of ink is increased or decreased by heating up or cooling down the roller. Even in the case of light inking, you achieve precise ink metering and a consistent print image.

When used in conjunction with the tried-and-tested Alcolor dampening system, you can achieve a consistent ink/water balance in a matter of seconds. This design feature is unique. Another benefit of the Speedmaster SM 52 with Anicolor inking unit is that it allows you to use conventional printing plates.

The Anicolor inking unit cuts your makeready times because you no longer need to set ink zones. You can achieve time savings of up to 40 percent compared to conventional inking units. This delivers a 25 percent increase in press capacity

The strengths of this revolutionary and trend-setting inking unit bring even more advantages the more standardized the print job is being processed.

As a system solutions supplier, we can also offer you an extensive portfolio of consumables for every part of your production system. You are assured stable and efficient production processes that deliver optimum print results and end products. The Saphira process inks specially formulated for use with Anicolor exhibit an optimum response to temperature fluctuations, thereby cutting makeready times and waste.

The benefits of Anicolor at a glance:

  • Up to 40 percent shorter makeready times thanks to fast job changes.
  • Up to 25 percent greater press capacity for more jobs each year.
  • Up to 90 percent less waste for much lower costs.
  • 100 percent offset quality thanks to consistent inking.
  • The zoneless inking unit is easy to use.

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