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Saueressig Security International (SSI) and Heidelberg Collaborate on Inline Security Solutions to Protect Against Brand Piracy in Packaging Printing


Saueressig Security International GmbH, Vreden, and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) recently signed a cooperation agreement aimed at jointly developing cost-effective processes enabling packaging printers to produce security features and surface finishings in a single production process.

This will provide end customers - producers of branded goods, software, and pharmaceuticals - with effective protection against brand piracy.

SSI and Heidelberg intend to develop an embossing unit that is integrated as the last unit in the press. Security elements such as hidden graphics and images can then be embossed there on an embossing cylinder or by using sleeves. This gives the print product double security with both printed and embossed security elements. Optical magnifying glasses are then required as decoders for verification purposes. The covert security features are integrated in the printing and embossing processes to guard against forgery, without influencing the packaging design or product. A combination of various patented technologies opens up virtually unlimited possibilities.
This collaboration is intended to create high-quality solutions for the entire value added chain - from developing the production plant right through to quality assurance and service. The accompanying training courses will shortly be provided by the Heidelberg Print Media Academy. The Speedmaster XL 105 will serve as the platform for this new print and embossing technology.

"Together with SSI we are offering our customers completely new methods to print and emboss security features inline, thereby establishing a quality standard in the printing sector," explains Dr. Jürgen Rautert, Director for Engineering and Manufacturing at Heidelberg. "We're delighted to join Heidelberg in developing print solutions that embrace the knowledge we've acquired from years of experience with hidden security solutions," adds Udi Ronen, Managing Director of SSI.

Various security features and additional finishings such as embossing offer greater protection against forgery for packaging printing. This enables printshops to expand their operations and stand out from the competition.

It is already possible to use special software solutions to integrate varied and complex security elements in the printing process. With the help of one or more decoders, the images can then be made visible on the print product. This process can be performed with all Printmaster and Speedmaster series. One of the first users is the French print shop Autajon, which already provides high-quality packagings with security features.

Everything is forged nowadays, from luxury goods and cigarettes to medicines and even vehicle spare parts. As a result of increasing globalization, forgeries have risen dramatically in the last five years and their quality is constantly improving. According to estimates from customs authorities, forgeries account for seven to ten percent of world trade, which represents a value of 600 billion US-Dollar (approx. 508 billion Euro).

Saueressig Security International
Saueressig Security International (SSI) was founded as a GmbH (German limited liability company) in Vreden in mid-2005. The founding members are Saueressig + Co. GmbH in Vreden and StarBoard Technologies Ltd. in Israel.

Since it was founded in 1953, Saueressig + Co. GmbH has been a service and production company and is today one of the world's top suppliers of print and embossing technologies. An internationally oriented midsize group of companies with over 700 employees at its head office in Vreden, Saueressig has production operations on three continents. Its export activities cover more than 50 countries.

Saueressig is an innovative system supplier for customers but offers so much more besides, going well beyond impression and embossing cylinders and extending to quality control and creative surface treatment.

StarBoard Technologies Ltd. was founded in Israel in 2001 and is an international supplier of hidden security solutions to protect brands against forgery and piracy. The technologies developed facilitate invisible labeling of products and packagings and straightforward decoding. The company employs seven staff. Together with Saueressig + Co. GmbH, it evolved the processes, using the StarBoard patents as a basis, and bundled them in SSI.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
With a global market share for sheetfed offset printing machines of more than 40 percent, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is the world's leading solution provider for commercial and industrial customers in the print media industry. Headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, the company focuses on the entire process and value chain for popular format classes in the sheetfed offset and flexographic printing sectors. Apart from printing presses, the product portfolio includes plate imaging devices and finishing equipment, as well as software components designed to integrate all print manufacturing processes. In addition, Heidelberg offers a wide range of spare parts, consumables, used equipment and services, along with extensive training programs provided by the Print Media Academy. Furthermore, the company assists its customers' investment plans by offering financing concepts.

Heidelberg is most active within the major OECD industrial regions and is expanding its involvement within growing markets such as Asia and Eastern Europe.

With development and production sites in five countries and some 250 sales offices worldwide, the company offers services to more than 200,000 customers around the globe. Heidelberg generates 85 percent of global sales through company-owned sales offices and well above 80 percent outside of Germany. In financial year 2004/2005, Heidelberg achieved sales of 3.207 billion Euro referring to the divisions Press, Postpress and Financial Services as well as a net profit of 61 million Euro. As of September 30, 2005, the Group employed 18,774 staff worldwide.

Image 1:
Protection against brand piracy: on an apparently normal packaging…

Image 2:
… a decoder is used to reveal the hidden "Autajon" image. These types of security features open up new areas of business for print shops.

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