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A Safe Bet with A3 Format


  • Inline finishing in A3 format 
  • Heidelberg Printmaster QM 46 impresses users with add-on device for numbering, imprinting and longitudinal perforation 
  • Simple and quick to set up 
  • Printing, numbering and perforation in a single pass 
  • Increased range of uses ensures greater added-value
Nowadays, numbering and perforation are an accepted part of many small-format jobs. Such additional processing is often required with one or two-color jobs such as invoices, entry tickets or mailshots. The new Heidelberg Printmaster QM 46 with numbering and perforation device handles these applications most impressively. It is simple and fast to set up and is also amazingly versatile. Sales of this new Printmaster QM 46 show that the number of jobs requiring numbering or perforation has increased, despite a widespread opinion that suggested otherwise. As far as Heidelberger Druckmaschinen is concerned, sales in 1999 greatly exceeded expectations.

The Printmaster presses can be ordered with an optional numbering, imprinting and perforation device. The number circuit of the Printmaster
QM 46 can be configured to suit your requirements using the operating panel, while the software permits multiple numbering. You can, for example, produce three-page form sets with the same numbering, and the press will then switch to the next number automatically. The numbering units are set outside the press. While one job is being printed, the numbering device can be set up for the next one. The numbering device can be conveniently fitted to the press on a telescopic rail from a trolley.

The perforation device, which operates on an innovative design principle, enables the printer to perform longitudinal perforation in one pass. A particular advantage of the perforation device on the Printmaster QM 46 is that it has no position limits, so perforations and numbers can even be applied at the same point!

The perforation shaft can be equipped with up to nine perforation, scoring or cutting wheels with a minimum of effort. It can be adjusted via a single operation in the machine. Setting the perforation device for the job in hand is a simple procedure. Like all the other circuits, the wheels are engaged pneumatically and controlled electronically. The perforation device performs with excellent precision, so that even scoring self-adhesive labels is no problem.

The perforation device is engaged from the operating panel and can only be activated during printing. A considerable advantage of this is the minimal wear and tear of the metal on the impression cylinder and the perforation wheels. And, if there are print jobs in the queue which do not require perforation, the perforation wheel can simply be left in the machine.

With its high degree of automation - Autoplate, central format setting and numbering and perforation device - the Heidelberg Printmaster QM 46 one or two-color press offers small-format printers plenty of flexibility, particularly when it comes to meeting specific customer requirements. The slogan "A safe bet for a flexible response to the market" also applies without doubt to the added-value which the product delivers!

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