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Heidelberg Sets the Pace - Printmaster GTO 52 with Sheet-Reversing Device


One-pass productivity for small formats; perfecting in a single pass; sheet reversal for greater flexibility and customer service; increased productivity brings benefits to the market

Small-format sheet reversal - for greater productivity and flexibility!
Printers looking for sheet reversal and perfecting in a single pass will immediately think of large-format, fully automated presses for industrial production. There is a general belief that the technical investment required is not worthwhile for small-format work! That is the theory - but it is a different story in practice. Two-color brochures, magazines, manuals, operating instructions, two-sided forms and postcards - all these are the staple diet of small-format printers and can be produced far faster and - more cost-effectively - using sheet reversal.

When does sheet-reversal become attractive for small-format jobs? In order to answer this question, it is important first and foremost to analyze the job structure. When sheet-reversal jobs make up around 30 percent of the total job structure, this is generally regarded as the break-even point. Taking an objective approach, the high initial investment in a sheet-reversing device will be quickly repaid through the higher productivity and, consequently, higher earnings if consistent use is made of this facility.

Solutions for every job structure
The Printmaster GTO 52 is a classic A3 unit from Heidelberg and is once again setting new standards. It is available as a one, two, four and five color press. It is also the most widely sold press in its format class and can also be equipped with an optional sheet-reversing device for switching between straight and perfecting printing. Whether the user is looking for 1/1-color (two-color Printmaster GTO 52), 2/2-color (four-color Printmaster GTO 52) or 1/4 or 2/3-color (five-color Printmaster GTO 52), the sheet-reversing device will also bring maximum productivity to small-format jobs. What is more, the position of the sheet-reversing device can be selected when ordering in order to take account of the customer's specific job structure!

The sheet-reversing device makes the Printmaster GTO 52 extremely versatile and cost-effective. Printing both sides of the sheet in a single pass also cuts printing time for small runs! There is no longer any need to wait until the sheets are dry. The job is finished faster and can also be supplied faster to the customer.

Printing quality is critical
Register-accurate sheet reversal is made possible by using a single gripper closure for the pincer gripper system of the reversing drum. To ensure a reliable register-true sheet transfer, even at high speed when the machine is running to full capacity, it is important that the rear edge of the sheet is tensioned on the storage drum prior to reversal. The refined printing cylinder and rough chromium-plated surfaces of the transfer drums minimize ink buildup. This enhances reliability during production and maximizes cost-effectiveness.

This gives small-format printers two entirely new possibilities:
The first of these is specials such as postcards which are printed in 1/4-color in only a single pass. The other involves day-to-day jobs such as producing operating manuals, which are printed on 40 gsm paper in 2/2-color or 1/1-color. The sheet reversing device prevents paper run problems such as can occur with very lightweight papers after the first print pass and subsequent turning.

Fast, cost-effective production
The Printmaster GTO 52 with sheet reversal opens up entirely new opportunities for maximizing productivity. Production can be made more efficient and income increased. Using sheet reversal with the 35 x 50 centimeter format means that printers can respond cost-effectively to orders for small format jobs and can capture additional market share.

Take the example of a 4/1-color job printed on a five-color press and alternatively on a Heidelberg Printmaster GTO 52 with five printing units and sheet reversal. While the five-color press requires two passes, i.e. requires two setup operations and needs to be turned or tumbled manually, the second alternative can finish the job in a single pass. In other words, in terms of setup and production times, the press with sheet reversal is twice as productive since it involves no drying times or turning / tumbling - and also does away with the need for storing the batches in between the first and second passes. The increased productivity which sheet reversal makes possible is reflected in a potentially higher income. This cuts the payback period, allows greater flexibility in production and pricing and also opens up entirely new opportunities for the future which will stand the customer in good stead on an increasingly competitive market.

More than 94,000 printing units of the Printmaster GTO 52 are now in use worldwide. This master of quality offset printing is also available immediately as a five-color press and can therefore be used for handling 4C plus spot color in a single pass. Used in conjunction with the turning facility and the special accessories available for register-accurate perforation, numbering and imprinting, the Printmaster GTO 52 is a true productivity center.

Whether two, four or five-color Printmaster GTO 52, the sheet reversal unit means more productivity and greater cost-effectiveness every time. The GTO 52 is unique on the market - an advantage which printers can use to full effect in the future.

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