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The Tried-and-Tested All-Rounder - All Set Up for the Future


Heidelberg Printmaster GTO 52: new design - improved ergonomics - enhanced operator convenience and reliable running
  • Even shorter make-ready times
  • Inline coating with mobile coating device 
  • Sheet-reversal device and add-on modules for enhanced productivity and versatility

The Heidelberg Printmaster GTO 52, the most popular A3 press, will be on display in a new modern design at the drupa 2000 exhibition. The classic press, of which 60,000 have been sold around the world, has had a complete overhaul and is now even more convenient to operate. At the center of the new press generation lies the clearly structured control panel with its logical arrangement of entry keys. The operating elements feature the latest ergonomic designs and make all major press functions easy to handle. To make life even easier, the functional design is backed up by technical innovations such as ultrasound double sheet detector and forwards/backwards crawl speed. This ensures that the versatile all-rounder remains the most versatile A3 press solution, thanks to its proven technology and variable add-on modules for single-shift operation.

The reputation of the Printmaster GTO 52 as a multi-talented press is based in part on its versatile single sheet feeder, which allows a wide range of material thickness from 0.04 to 0.4 millimeter to be processed. With the improved single sheet feeder, fast job changes have now become even simpler. To enhance the reliability of sheet separation with materials of widely varying thickness, the Printmaster GTO 52 now features a new pressure vacuum pump. An ultrasound double sheet detector further enhances reliability. And makeready times have been reduced too. A manually operated crawl speed moves the plate cylinder into the correct position and makes plate changing easier. Since inching mode with travel limitation has been eliminated, it now takes less time to clamp the printing plates. An additional advantage of the new Printmaster GTO 52 is its automated central lubrication for reliable lubrication at regular intervals.

Proven Heidelberg technology also features in the inking unit and dampening system of the Printmaster GTO 52. The laser-slit knife-type ink fountain permits color settings with almost no side effects. The rollers are now easier to clean, thanks to a central adjusting lever which positions the washup blade for roller washing. The direct continuous dampening unit allows alcohol-free printing, achieving a quick ink-water balance and delivering a consistently thin film of dampening solution. The inking unit and dampening system ensure convincing print quality with short drying times.

The fifth printing unit has made the new Printmaster GTO 52 even more versatile. The use of special colors and printing varnish is becoming more and more important, even in short and medium-sized print runs. As an alternative, a mobile inline coating unit with infrared drying unit allows coating work to be performed at a very low investment cost. The new Printmaster GTO 52 can also be equipped with a manual, easy-to-operate sheet reversal device for cost-effective perfecting and shorter job throughput times. Further additional features such as numbering and perforating devices and feed devices for small formats increase the range of uses of the Printmaster GTO 52 in all areas of the 35 x 50 class.

This versatility makes the Printmaster GTO 52 essential standard equipment for jobbing print shops around the world looking for impressive and cost-effective offset quality. Product manager Bernhard Seidl comments on the success story of this classic press. "It's more or less essential in small and medium-sized printshops which take on all kinds of jobs in their capacity as full service providers." The new-look, technically polished all-rounder will be available from September 2000.

Modern design, optimized ergonomics and enhanced operator comfort make the new Printmaster GTO 52 stand out from the crowd.

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