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The 'Guideline for Cooperation with Suppliers' demonstrate Heidelberg's expectations regarding product and process qualification, as well as stipulating regulations for successful and efficient collaboration. The "Guideline for Cooperations with Suppliers" achieve a transparent and binding character by:

  • demonstrating the entire process and its milestones
  • describing operative sub-processes within the collaboration
  • defining essential process requirements 
  • determining generally accepted product requirements
  • providing up-to-date, ongoing product and process documentation
The process description clearly shows the close integration of supplier procedures with the internal procedures at Heidelberg.

The Guideline's ruling principles are: increasing efficiency and quality assurance through transparency and commitment. The advantages of this approach can be seen continuously in day-to-day operations, since:

  • a uniform procedure at the interface for suppliers and
  • maximum transparency for the decision-makers involved is a
  • contribution to risk management and allows
  • the customization of particular supplier needs and project-specific requirements, without the Guideline losing their binding and transparent character.
On this note we hope the Guideline are met with general acceptance by the suppliers, and that this will be demonstrated by their active use in daily operations and manifested in the quality of the products and collaboration.

Guideline, Issue January 2008 - Appendices
(* Only available online; (G) - Only available in German)

ZIP Download (Appendices)
No. Title
Appendix 01
Version 1.2008

Product Orders
Overview about classification and criteria
Appendix 02*
Version 1.2008

Sourcing Groups
Arrangement of Production Material
Appendix 03* (G)
Version 1.2008

Standards, Directives, Guidlines
  • Fundamental Standards
  • Security Standards
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Environmental Standards
  • Heidelberg Standards (SN)
Appendix 04
Version 2.2010

Quality Management
The Heidelberg Group's Commitment to Quality
Appendix 05*
Version 1.2008

Heidelberg Production System
Processes und methods of production
Appendix 06* (G)
Version 1.2008

Methods for Validation of Quality
  • Fundamental tools for the validation of quality
  • FMEA - abstract of VDMA Guidline
  • Risk assesment with "Risk Man"
  • Systematical problem solving process
Appendix 07*
Version 1.2008

Information Security
Appendix 08
Version 1.2008

Projectplan - Research and Development
Appendix 09
Version 1.2008

Projectplan - Documentation
Appendix 10
Version 1.2008

Projectplan - Production
Appendix 11*
Version 1.2008

Sample Test Report
Appendix 12
Version 1.2008

Projectplan - Quality
Appendix 13
Version 1.2008

Components Testing
Process description - durability testing by supplier
Appendix 14*
Version 04.2014

Appendix 15
Version 1.2008

Declaration of Conformity
Appendix 16*
Version 1.2008

Instruction Manual
Specification of content and structure
Appendix 17*
Version 1.2008

Service Manual
Specification of content and structure
Appendix 18
Version 1.2008

Approval of Supply
Flowchart procurement
Appendix 19* (G)
Version 1.2008

Qualifying System Software
Overview, execution sample
Appendix 20*
Version 1.2008

Supplier Selection
Process description
Appendix 21
Version 1.2008

Contract Documents / Agreements
Appendix 22
Version 1.2008

Target Agreement
Objectives and issues
Appendix 23*
Version 1.2008

Confidentiality Agreement
Master Form
Appendix 24
Version 1.2008

Test Planing
Working diagramm
Appendix 25
Version 1.2008

Test Agreement / Master Inspection Plan
Overview about attributes and content
Appendix 26*
Version 2.2012

Shipping Regulations
Issue for suppliers
Appendix 27*
Version 11.2012

Test Report
Appendix 28
Version 1.2008

Appendix 29
Version 1.2008

Issue for suppliers
Appendix 30* (G)
Version 1.2008

Service Process
Overview about topics and regulations
Appendix 31*
Version 1.2008

Printing Chemicals
List for resistance and corrosion testing
Appendix 32*
Version 1.2008

Shipping Container
List of permitted container
Appendix 33*
Version 1.2008

Standard Tools
Standard equipment for technican
Appendix 34*
Version 1.2008

Screw Joints
List of permitted tightening torque
Appendix 35*
Version 1.2008

Welding / Soldering
Heidelberg specifications
Appendix 36*
Version 1.2008

Metal and Stamping Parts
General tolerances
Appendix 37*
Version 1.2008

Labeling/Bar Code
Specifications on the structure - type "Code 39"
Appendix 38*
Version 1.2008

Shipping Materials
List of permitted materials
Appendix 39*
Version 1.2008

Packaging of Service Parts
Specifications for packaging and labelling

Appendix 40* (G)
Version 10.2013

Product Packaging
Description of Layout

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